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GXOil Gear Oil 80W90 (32Oz)
TRANS/Gear Oil SAE 80W90
GXOil Gear Oil 80W90 (SDS)

Is a premium Transmission & Gear oil for axles and differentials.

Made with paraffinic base stock and a special additive package, for use in medium to heavy-duty hypoid gears, rear axles, linear gears, conic and helicoidal gears.

The API Category GL-5 designates the type of service characteristic of gears, particularly

hypoids in automotive axles under high-speed and/or low-speed, high-torque conditions.

Also meeting API MT-1 to provide against the combination of thermal degradation, component wear, and oil seal deterioration which is not provided by lubricants meeting only the requirements of API GL-5. Designed for use in all seasons.

Meets/Exceeds characteristics:

-Stability against oxidation

-Compatibility with seals

-Rust & oxidation control


Meets/Exceeds specifications: 

-API GL-5/MT-1

-SAE 80W90



PDS (Product Data Sheet)         SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

Codes/Packaging (available)

GX.33a.B / Bulk (2,000Galls min)

GX.33a.275 / 275Gall Tote

GX.33a.55 / 55Gall Drum 

GX.33a.5 / 5Gall Pail 

GX.33a.32 / 12/1Qts Case


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GXOil Gear Oil 80W90 (PD)
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