Our GX® STOU-Super Tractor Oil Universal Fluid SAE 10W30 & SAE 15W40 are made with a high viscosity index virgin paraffinic base stocks and an advanced additive package designed to give reliable performance in a wide range of farming applications.


Recommended to lubricate many types of tractor transmission & hydraulic systems as well as oil immersed brakes, powershift transmissions, power steering systems, hydrostatic transmissions, conventional gear drive systems in a wide variety of modern agricultural and construction equipment.

Practical, convenient and multi-functional; one oil for many lubricant applications around the farm.


Can be used in applications requiring a SAE 10W30 grade or SAE 15W40 grade API CF-4/SF and

can also be used in applications requiring an API GL-4.

Available Package: Bulk, 275Gall, 55Gall, 5Gall

Our GX® J20C-Premium Tractor Hydraulic Fluid is made with Group II virgin paraffinic base stocks

and a special additive package. Recommended to lubricate the Transmissions, Final Drives, Wet Brakes, Clutches and Hydraulic systems in modern agricultural and construction equipment, also to be also used in On/Off Road transmission equipment, as well as high pressure hydraulic presses.


Recommended for CAT TO-2 service, but NOT recommended to be used where CAT TO-4 is required.


To be also used in equipment using the ‘Sundstrand’ hydrostatic transmissions.

Available Package: Bulk, 275Gall, 55Gall, 5Gall

Our GX® 303-Tractor Hydraulic Fluid is made with virgin Group I paraffinic/naphthenic base oils. Recommended for older On/Off Road Agricultural & Construction equipment such as TransmissionsFinal DrivesWet BrakesClutchesHydraulic Systems

Available Package: Bulk, 275Gall, 55Gall, 5Gall

GXOil 55Gall (Silver)-2019.jpg
GXOil 55Gall (Silver)-2019.jpg

Our GX® Drive Train Fluids SAE 10W, SAE 30 & SAE 50 are blended using highly refined base oils, detergents, dispersants, oxidation-corrosion inhibitors, anti-wear and extreme pressure agents

and foam suppressant. 


They are high-performance lubricants designed for use for use in transmissions, final drives, wet brakes, powershift transmissions, torque converters and hydraulic systems requiring a fluid meeting Allison C4 or Caterpillar TO-4 or TO-2 requirements.


They offer excellent friction retention, wear control, seal compatibility, oxidation stability & viscosity stability and components are protected from wear, even in severe service and under

high loads by the controlling of the formation of corrosion, varnish, and sludge.


SAE 10W grade is recommended for hydraulic systems operating at normal ambient temperatures.

SAE 10W & SAE 30 grades are recommended for mobile hydraulic systems where operating requirements are severe.  SAE 10W, SAE 30 & SAE 50 are recommended for heavy duty off-highway automatic transmissions.

Final drives will use SAE 50 grade at normal temperatures.


NOT recommended for use in combined farm tractor hydraulic and transmission systems where low brake chatter is a requirement 

Available Package: Bulk, 275Gall, 55Gall, 5Gall

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