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Our 303/Tractor Hydraulic Fluid is made with virgin Group I paraffinic base stocks. 

Recommended for older agricultural and construction equipment, as well as in On/Off Road utility equipment

Recommended to lubricate:


-Final Drives

-Wet Brakes


-Hydraulic systems

Meets/Exceeds OEM requirements:

-John Deere: J20A

PDS (Product Data Sheet)





HTP (Hoja Técnica de Producto)





SDS (Safety Data Sheet)





HDS (Hoja de Datos de Seguridad) 

CODES / PACKAGING (available)

GX.34d.B / Bulk (2,000Galls min)

GX.34d.275 / 275Gall Tote

GX.34d.55 / 55Gall Drum 

GX.34d.5 / 5Gall Pail

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GXOil 303-Tractor Hydraulic Fluid (PDS)
GXOil 303-Tractor Hydraulic Fluid (HTP)
Tractor Hydraulic Fluid