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Is made from Lithium 12-HSA based soap and a medium viscosity naphthenic/paraffinic base stock. 



-Fully treated with Extreme Pressure, Anti-Wear, Anti-Rust and Anti-Oxidant additives.

-Water insoluble and resistant to water wash-out

-Dropping Point of 180°C (356°F)

-Available in Grey color

​-Passes 40Lbs Timken

-Contains 3% Molly


Meets/Exceeds specifications:

-Meets NLGI Range 2 (265-295)



-Offers superior protection in a variety of industrial, automotive and agricultural applications.

-Superior protection in HEAVY DUTY industrial and automotive applications such as journal and   anti-friction bearings as well as in electric motors and gear couplings.

-Molybdenum Disulfide provides a measure of protection against fretting and is recommended in such applications, as splined shafts, pivot pins, 5th wheels and other parts subjected to oscillating or sliding motion.

PDS (Product Data Sheet)             SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

Codes/Packaging (available)

GX.151.2.400 / 400# Drum 

GX.151.2.120 / 120# Keg

GX.151.2.35 / 35# Pail

GX.151.2.14 / 10/14Oz Case


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GXOil PCMO SynBlend 5W20 (PDS)
GXOil PCMO SynBlend 5W20 (SDS)
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