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Is made from Lithium Complex Soap and a low to medium viscosity paraffinic/naphthenic

base stock.


-Fully treated with Extreme Pressure, Anti-Wear, Anti-Rust and Anti-Oxidant additives.

-Water insoluble and resistant to water wash-out

-Dropping Point of 240°C (464°F)

-Available in Red or Blue color

-Meets NLGI's GC-LB category

-Passes 45Lbs Timken

Meets/Exceeds specifications:

-Meets NLGI Range 2 (265-295)



-Specially designed to be used in a wide variety of HEAVY-DUTY automotive, industrial, mining  and construction applications.

-Excellent performance in severe applications as Disk Brakes, Wheel Bearings, U-Joints, 

Back Hoe Hinge Pins and Fan Hubs.

PDS (Product Data Sheet)             SDS (Safety Data Sheet)


Codes/Packaging (available)

GX.160.2.400 / 400# Drum 

GX.160.2.120 / 120# Keg

GX.160.2.35 / 35# Pail

GX.160.2.12 / 12/1# Case

GX.160.2.14 / 10/14Oz Case


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GXOil PCMO SynBlend 5W20 (PDS)
GXOil PCMO SynBlend 5W20 (SDS)
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