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CVT / Full Synthetic Universal
GXOil CVT-Full Synthetic Universal (SDS)

Is made using 100% synthetic base oils (Group III) and a premium transmission additive

package specifically designed to provide superior protection and performance to chain

or push belt continuously variable transmissions.

Designed to be used in practically all brands and models in nearly all CVT applications and exhibits outstanding shear stability (stay-in-grade viscometrics) as well as excellent anti-scuffing properties to protect against metal-to-metal wear. Our premium synthetic base stock used provides outstanding oxidation stability coupled with excellent low temperature properties.

Meets/Exceeds OEM requirements:

-Audi: TL 52180; G052 180 A2; G052 516

-BMW: 83 22 0 136 376; 83 22 0 429 154 (EZL 799A)

-Chrysler: CVTF+4-Ford: CFT23; CFT30 / Mercon C

-Daihatsu: Amix CVTF-DC; Amix CVTF-DFE; Fluid TC

-Dodge / Jeep: NS-2; CVTF+4/MOPAR CVTF+4

-Ford: CVT WSS-M2C-933-A / XT-7QCFT

-Fujijyuuko: i-CVTF FG

-GM/Saturn: DEX-CVT

-Hyundai / Kia: SP-CVT-1

-Honda: Multimatic Fluid (HMMF); HCF-2

-Lexus: Fluid TC; Fluid FE

-Mazda: CVTF 3320

-Mercedes Benz: CVT28 / MB 236.20

-Mini Cooper: EZL 799A / ZF CVT V1

-Mitsubishi: DiaQueen CVTF-J1; DiaQueen CVTF-J4

-Nissan: NS-1; NS-2; NS-3

-Punch: EZL 799A

-Subaru: i-CVTF; Lineartronic CVTF; K0425Y0710, CV-30; e-CVTF

-Suzuki: CVTF 3320; TC; NS-2; CVTF Green 1; CVTF Green 2

-Shell: Green 1V

-Toyota: Fluid TC; Fluid FE

-Volvo : CVT 4959

-VW: TL 52180, G 052 180 A2; G 052 516


PDS (Product Data Sheet)            SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

Codes/Packaging (available)

GX.35b.B / Bulk (2,000Galls min)

GX.35b.275 / 275Gall Tote

GX.35b.55 / 55Gall Drum 

GX.35b.5 / 5Gall Pail 

GX.35b.32 / 12/1Qts Case


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GXOil CVT-Full Synthetic Universal (PDS)
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