GXOil ATF Type A (32Oz)
GXOil ATF Type A (SDS)

Is made with virgin paraffinic base oils. Recommended to be used on automatic transmissions and hydraulic steering systems in cars, light-truck  and vans. Also, recommended to be used in certain agricultural and construction equipment, as well as in air compressors.

Offers medium resistance against oxidation, sludge deposits and soot formed during the

high temperatures where the oil summited.


Special characteristics:

-Lubrication to the metals

-Heat Dissipation

-Smoothness in gear changes


Meets/Exceeds OEM requirements:

-GM Dexron® II

-Type A  


PDS (Product Data Sheet)




HTP (Hoja Técnica de Producto)





SDS (Safety Data Sheet)





HDS (Hoja de Datos de Seguridad)

CODES / PACKAGING (available)

GX.35e.B / Bulk (2,000Galls min)

GX.35e.275 / 275Gall Tote

GX.35e.55 / 55Gall Drum 

GX.35e.5 / 5Gall Pail

GX.35e.32 / 12/1Qts Case

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GXOil ATF Type A (PDS)
GXOil ATF Type A (HTP)
GXOil ATF Type A (HDS)