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GXOil ATF-Global Full Synthetic (SDS)

Is made using 100% synthetic base oils (Group III) and a premium additive package.

Designed to be used in practically all brands and models of automatic transmissions.​ 

Recommended to be used on automatic transmissions and hydraulic steering systems in cars, light-trucks and vans as well as off-road equipment.

NOT recommended for use in Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT), Dual Clutch Transmissions (DCT)  or applications that require a non-friction modified ATF, such as

Ford Type F or Ford Type G (used in certain European transmissions).

Meets/Exceeds characteristics: 

-Synthetic Technology

-Smoothness in gear changes

-Low temperature flow

-Wear protection

-Lubrication to the metals

-Extended drain interval

Meets/Exceeds OEM requirements:

-AE: (LT71141 – ZF 5 Speed)

-Alfa Romeo: (all vehicles)

-Aisin Warner: AW-1

-Allison: C-3, C-4, TES 295, TES 389

-American Motors: ATF+3 (SM7176-E), ATF+4 (MS9602)

-Audi/VW: G-052-025-A2, G-052-162-A1

-Audi: 5 HP LT 71141 (ZF-5-HP-18-FL), G-052-990-A2, 5 HP (ZF-5-HP-30)

-Audi: 5 HP LT 71141 (G-052-162-A2), G-055-025-A2 (JWS 3309)

-BMW: 5 Series, ETL-7045, 7045E, ETL-7054E (3 Series), LA2634

-BMW: 5 HP LT 71141, 5 HP (ZF 5 HP 30), MINI (JWS 3309), ETL-8072B (83-22-0-024-359)

-Power Shift: T0-2

-Chrysler: ATF+3, ATF+4 (MS-9602)

-Chrysle/ Dodge/MOPAR: AS 68 RC

-Daimler: NAG-1

-Daewoo: LT-71141

-Fiat: (All Vehicles)


-Ford: 924-A (XT-8-QAW) (JWS-3309)


-Honda: Z-1

-Honda/Acura: ATF Z1, DW-1

-Hyundai: NWS-9638, SP-II, SP-III&IV

-Idemitsu: K-17

-Isuzu Besco: ATF II & III

-Jaguar: ATF 3403 M115, LT-71141

-JATCO: FWD in Nissan, Rover 800, 3100 PL085, FWD VW Polo (Texaco N402)

-JATCO-Jaguar X Type: 2001-05

-JASO: 1-A & 2A-02


-JWS-3309: (Aisin Warner, T-IV)

-JWS-3324 (WS)


-MAN: 339F, V1, V2, Z1, Z2, Z3

-Mazda: ATF-M III, Mazda ATF-MV

-Mercedes Benz: ZF 4 HP20, MB 5 Speed 1996-06

-Mercedes Benz: 223.1, 236.1, 236.2, 236.3, 236.5, 236.6, 236.7, 236.9, 236.10, 236.11, 236.12, 236.41

-Mini Cooper: 83 22 0 402 413 9

-Mitsibushi/Diamond: SP-II, SP-III, SP-IV

-NAG-1: (Jeep Cherokee)

-NAG-2: (Chrysler)

-Nissan/Infinity: Matic (D/J/K/S)

-Opel: (all vehicles)

-Peugot: ZF-4 HP20

-Porsche: ATF 3403-M115, LT-71141, T-IV (JWS-3309)

-SAAB: T-IV (JWS-3309)

-Scion: (all vehicles)

-Subaru: ATF, ATF HP

-Suzuki: ATF 3309

-Toyota: T-II/T-IV, Toyota WS

-Voith: G607, G13636 (55,6336, XX), Turbo H55, 6335, 3X

-Volvo: 97340, 97341, T-IV

-VW: 5 HP LT 71141 (ZF 5 HP 18FL, 19FL, 24A) / (VW G-052-162-A1, A2)

-VW: G-052-182-A2, 5 HP (ZF 5 HP 30), TL 521 62, TL52162

-ZF: 3 and 4 Speed Transmissions

-ZF: TE ML 02F, 03D, 04D, 05L, 14A, 14B, 14C, 16L, 17C

-ZF: TE-ML-09, TE-ML 11A and 11B

PDS (Product Data Sheet)




HTP (Hoja Técnica de Producto)





SDS (Safety Data Sheet)





HDS (Hoja de Datos de Seguridad)

CODES / PACKAGING (available)

GX.35a.B / Bulk (2,000Galls min)

GX.35a.275 / 275Gall Tote

GX.35a.55 / 55Gall Drum 

GX.35a.5 / 5Gall Pail 

GX.35a.32 / 12/1Qts Case

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