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Our GX® Ready to Use Antifreeze/Coolant GREEN, RED, UNIVERSAL are formulated with an ethylene glycol base, de-ionized water and a special additive package that offers maximum protection against freezing, boiling and special anti-corrosion agents to prevent rust and oxidation.

Offering protection from -37°C to 163°C (-34°F to 325.4°F).


Our GREEN formula is designed to be used in Gasoline motors such as in cars, pick-ups, SUV’s,

light trucks and vans.

Our RED formula is designed to be used in Diesel motors such as in cars, SUV’s, light trucks

and Heavy Duty Trucks.

Our UNIVERSAL formula is designed to be used in in both Gasoline and Diesel powered motors.


They are compatible with the premium ready to use coolants available in the market.

To be used to protect the mono-block, radiator and motor pumps.

Formulated to offer multi-metal protection in copper, aluminum, steel, Iron, brass

and zinc parts. Does not damages hoses or seals, nor generates foam.


Offers better cooling to motor parts due to its high temperature protection.

Available Package: 275Gall, 55Gall, 5Gall, 4/1Gall.

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