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Our GX® 4T-MOTO Full Synthetic Motorcycle Oils SAE 10W40, 10W50, 15W50, & 20W50 are high-performance multigrade lubricants for use in modern high RPM 4-stroke motorcycle engines.

Ideally suited to urban trafficuse, rural conditions and high-speed motorway travel and are made from an active synthetic technology (Group III) base oil, plus a performance additive package.


It’s active synthetic technology keeps your engine cleaner and ensures that gear changes are smooth and responsive. The additive package creates a protective layer which makes for smoother gear changes, reduces mechanical and transmission noise and protects metal parts in contact and prolongs gear box life, offering maximum protection against wear and extends oil change intervals.

Our SAE 10W40 & 10W50 products meet JASO MA-2, API SN specification.

Our SAE 15W50 & 20W50 products meet JASO MA-2, API SL specification.

Available Package: 55Gall, 12/1Qts

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