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GXOil 2Cycle Outboard (TC-W, Blue)-small.jpg
2-Cycle Fluids

Our GX® 2-Cycle Marine TC-W3 & Engine TC-W Fluids are recommended for outboard, mopeds, lawnmowers, chainsaws and any 2-Cycle motor, air  or liquid cooled.

Also, recommended for oil injection systems.


Designed to offer superior protection against wear, cavitation, oxidation and at the same time eliminating spark plug failure.

Our Marine TC-W3 meets/exceeds the TC-W3 NMMA (National Marine Manufacturer's Association).

Easy to mix with the fuel and is blue color for easy identification. 

(verify your owner’s manual for recommended oil/fuel mix)


Available in 55Gall, 5Gall, 3/1Gall, 12/1Qts, 12/16Oz, 20/8Oz.

GXOil 2-Cycle Catalogs
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